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The Annual Fund is operated as part of The Sierra Foundation, a California non-profit public benefit corpora-tion. Formed in 2007, the foundation’s mission is to support academic and co-curricular activities for the stu-dents of Sierra Unified School District and its feeder districts. Sierra Unified School District continues a tradition of nearly 100 years of service to students across 3,000 sq. miles of the central Sierras.
What is the Annual Fund?
The Sierra Foundation Annual Fund is an outreach initiative formed to provide on-going support to Sierra Unified student programs and activities. The Annual Fund has been launched in response to the community’s expressed desire to contribute, lend stability, and preserve the educational excellence within our district. Particularly in today’s environment of State funding shortfalls, support from alumni, parents, businesses and community members is absolutely critical in providing the education that prepares our students for lifelong success.
The Sierra Foundation Annual Fund has been tailored to allow supporters to donate to specific areas of interest. Donors may choose to contribute to reducing the outstanding facilities debt or help preserve existing programs with offsetting donations and sponsorships.
Paying off the Facilities Debt
The Foothill campus, built in 1993 to relieve crowded K-8 facilities, has been paid for entirely out of SUSD’s general funds. Today, over 80% of that debt has been paid. Annual payments of $1.1M are scheduled through the spring of 2017. In recent years, state funds have fallen short of guaranteeing levels, and our district is now much smaller. However, payments on the facilities debt has remained the constant, forcing cuts in many other areas. The community can help by choosing the COP Payoff for their donation. Donations here go directly toward principal, working to pay off this debt more quickly restoring resources for instruction and programs.
Co-curricular Programs and Special Opportunities
Co-curricular programs such as music, sports, and ag are just as important to today’s students as they have been to previous generations, but they are in ever-increasing jeopardy. The Annual Fund seeks to link sponsors with program areas to offset the support needed to continue these important enrichment activities.
Donors may choose to target support to general program areas, to include the Athletics Fund, Fine Arts Fun, and Ag/FAA Department Fund. Simply write the name of the group on the memo line of your check. Donations to the group of your choice can only be used by that organization. Your dollars will fund items such as equipment, transportation, coach/advisor stipends or other items needed to sustain the group.
If you are considering some other kind of non-cash gift or would like to sponsor a program, we will gladly facilitate those gifts as well. Simply contact Janelle Utheim, District Financial Liaison.

Give the gift of opportunity.
Give to the Sierra Foundation Annual Fund.

Students First
Students always come first, and our mission is to help provide support funding for their academic and cocurriculum activities.

Quality Education

SUSD seeks to provide facilities, faculty and equipment of the highest quality for our students. The Sierra Foundation Annual Fund will help make this possible advancement in all areas.

Spread the Word

You can help by sharing with iothers the vision and purpose of the Sierra Foundation Annual Fund. Brochures are available at all SUSD campuses and right here at